Difference between HVAC and AC System — August 27, 2019

Difference between HVAC and AC System

There are many things you should consider to know about HVAC and air conditioning. It would give advantage whenever you face maintenance, repair or want to buy another brand new system. The major part of the subject is HVAC units can be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. People often feel confused about the two separate terms HVAC and AC which are actually associated with each other. They are widely used interchangeably to describe devices of heating and cooling. HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning mostly used to describe industry and HVAC contractors provide its commercial and residential services.

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HVAC deals with three aspects:

  1. Heating
  2. Cooling
  3. And Ventilation

If you have ever encountered with heating and cooling repairs NJ you might already know the difference. Some modern HVAC systems provide both heat and cool (e.g. heat pumps) as per the requirement and this might the potential reason for the confusing while learning these two terms.

AC can be a single window or central unit that can be placed by homeowners to cool or heat their home. In commercial offices, HVAC units are comparatively large and fall under these categories:

  • Single Split systems
  • Multi-Split systems
  • VRF or VRV systems

These systems are used widely to keep the tenants in a building feel comfortable irrespective of temperature conditions. HVAC contractors in NJ provide services for commercial purposes and choose the size, type, and functionality of the system as per the building requirements. A single split unit is considered a cheaper option that circulates the air through duct systems and easily installed.

HVAC systems are efficiently designed and installed to work competently for approximately the next fifteen years but they regularly require some troubleshooting and maintenance routines. Inspection after a certain period or change of season is good. It’s better to look for professionals whenever you assistance about air conditioner repair Old Bridge or any other related service.

Here are some different types of residential HVAC/AC options.

Window units: Window unit air conditioners are installed in a window and require great skills to be installed precisely. It is an ideal option for saving money and cooling your small bedroom, home office or guestroom. On average, it costs a few hundred dollars and easily accessible for a quick air conditioner repair procedure.

Central AC: Central air conditioners are either a split-system unit or a packaged unit. This technology uses an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor coil to heat and cool large buildings or homes.

Split and Ductless Units: Split and ductless units consist of two main components – indoor and outdoor units. The indoor system contains a cooling fan with an evaporator coil backing it. While outdoor component contains a condenser to cool down the vapor and convert it into liquid and then move it along with the compressor.

When you hire professionals for heating and cooling repairs and other HVAC services they determine the best options after examining your requirements and proposed budget. For more information about the different HVAC systems, you may contact a professional company.

O’Ryan’s Heating and Cooling – A one stop solution for HVAC/R repairing services in Edison, New Jersey. — November 1, 2018

O’Ryan’s Heating and Cooling – A one stop solution for HVAC/R repairing services in Edison, New Jersey.

When it comes to make your home comfortable for every season and making it a place where you find rest and peace it is obvious to use technical equipment and services. But it’s never easy to maintain these electronic gadgets all the time. O’Ryan’s Heating and Cooling is small emerging business based in Edison of New Jersey state. We have a team of professionals that dedicated to serve the independent people of Central New Jersey by providing excellent services. The services includes –

  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Heating Repair Woodbridge
  • Heater Installation
  • Boilers & Furnaces – Repair and Replacement
  • Ductless HVAC Systems (Mini-split A.C)

Air Conditioning Services

Oryans Heating and Cooling have come up long way in their journey of growth. We always keep the customers happy by giving most efficient, accurate and quick services led by HVAC industry giants. Our contemporary service of air conditioning in Edison NJ makes us popular choice in the region.

HVAC Contractors for Air Conditioning and Heating and Cooling Repairs

Air Conditioning Repair

In scorching summer heat all you need is a fine working Air Conditioner that lets you rejuvenate in no minutes. The problem is that almost all electronics requires regular usage, if you stop using those power based tools they might stop working. The same thing happens with our Air Conditioners as we leave them unused in winter season.

Oryan’s Heating and Cooling provides prompt solutions for air conditioner repair in Old Bridge NJ. Till the time, the company has served number of clients for Air Conditioning Repair Service NJ. The positive review by our customers gives us more strength to deliver best air conditioning repair service in New Jersey.

Air Conditioning Installation

We always admire to provide HVAC service without compromising with the quality of work containing professionalism. The air conditioning installation service is one of our distinctive one which makes us reliable HVAC Contractors (Iselin NJ).

Heating Repair & Installation

Heater Repair & Installation work always need perfection as in heating tool case you need to be more sensitive and alarmed. If you ever seek Heating Contractors Somerset area feel free to leave a service request on Oryan’s official website to get immediate assistance.

Boilers & Furnaces – Repair and Replacement

Boilers & Furnaces are the necessary home equipment which facilitates you to feel warmer even in cold winter days. We are the right HVAC contractors for boiler repair and replacement and furnace repair and replacement.

Ductless HVAC Systems (Mini-split A.C)

We know Ductless HVAC Systems are the best choice to have easy access to comfort. We have complete expertise over repairing of mini split A.C.

Service Areas of Best HVAC Contractors

The idea of Oryans Heating and Cooling came to light when the need for the development of a HONEST and RELIABLE HVAC contracting business in Central New Jersey became overwhelming. Oryan’s Heating and Cooling made their way in HVAC/R industry to provide best Air Conditioning Service Warren in NJ.

The business was established to provide customers services of heating and cooling repairs in Edison, Metuchen, Old Bridge, Woodbridge, Colonia, Iselin, Union, Westfield, Cranford, Berkley Heights, East Brunswick, Somerset, Warren, Hillsborough, and South Plainfield areas of New Jersey, United States.

Capacitor in Air Conditioning — September 25, 2018

Capacitor in Air Conditioning

What is a Capacitor?
One of the most common repairs during the summertime is replacing a capacitor on an air conditioning system. The role of the capacitor is to help start up the motors, such as a compressor or fan motor, in your HVAC system. The voltage from your electrical panel is not enough to start these components and needs the help of the capacitor.

Is your capacitor bad?
The most common symptom of a bad capacitor is if a motor isn’t running or perhaps your outside unit (the condenser) isn’t running. So before you call your local HVAC contractor, you can do a visual inspection of the capacitor. The other method requires a multi-meter that can measure microfarads.

Safety First
Anytime you work on or look at some type of machine, safety is a must. If you have absolutely no idea, call a local air conditioning repair company to help solve the problem. Turn off the power to your outside unit by flipping the breaker to off or at the disconnect. Open up the electrical panel to your outside unit. The cylinder like object in there is your capacitor. If the top of it is domed, it is bad and will need to be replaced.

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Ductless Heat Pump…Why you just might need one — September 24, 2018

Ductless Heat Pump…Why you just might need one

Ductless Heat Pumps (aka Ductless Mini-Split Systems) have become the new efficient way to heat a home, especially for homeowners with all-electric homes, who rely on baseboards or electric wall heaters for home heating. The reports of efficiency and quiet operation have generated so much interest with homeowners and businesses, we’re often approached by folks who wouldn’t necessarily need a Ductless Heat Pump System.
Since they’re relatively new to our market, the level of consumer knowledge about Ductless Heat Pumps is limited when compared to other traditional heating systems like gas furnaces or boilers. As a result, we get many questions from customers trying to determine if this type of system would be a good solution for their home. These questions range from basic application, to how they operate.

So let’s start with the basics. What is a heat pump? A heat pump works just like an air conditioner. In cooling mode, (yes, they provide cooling too) a heat pump moves heat from inside your home to the outside. Unlike an air conditioning unit, a heat pump can be used to heat your home, and do it efficiently. A ductless heat pump does this by reversing the process it uses to provide air conditioning to your home. It collects heat that exists naturally in the ambient air outside and delivers it into the home. The heat that is being “pumped” out for cooling, or in for heating the home, travels through pipes containing refrigerant.
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Here Is The Efficient Setup For The Air Conditioners That Are Portable — September 22, 2018

Here Is The Efficient Setup For The Air Conditioners That Are Portable

The suppliers of the portable air conditioners make the setup easier. What you only need to do is to roll the device and turn the startup. Even though it is nearly so simple, there are several suggestions to make your portable air conditioning run more effectively. See Watts Pex 1000 feet.

Making from the Hoses

There is a saying that you do not have to “create” cold. The absence of heat along with the presence of cold really cold is. All the stuff that you just identify that make the things cool simply removes the heat energy and place it from the other place.

Portable air conditioners vent heat via a hose just like normally the one over a clothes dryer. If your hot air blows on the same room you are just burning electricity for no reason. You might be going to have to install it the hot air outside. One option is in a drop ceiling where your building’s main HVAC system can handle it. Another option you could do would be to run the exhaust out of your window. See Tekmar 256 Boiler Control.

The air is definitely nothing, right? If you are intending to wave your hand upon it, you will feel that there is no resistance. This will make people think air can flow anywhere so they don’t have to concern yourself with the way the hose is positioned. In fact, air comes with mass plus it does develop friction within a tight turn. Portable air conditioners must move the massive level of air so if ever you will find there’s a little bit of resistance then this efficiency will likely be greatly affected. Keep hoses straight hence the air can flow freely.

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How Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Evaporator Coils (Cooling coils) are Cleaned — September 21, 2018

How Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Evaporator Coils (Cooling coils) are Cleaned

Evaporator coil cleaning often requires cutting refrigerant lines, removal of the coil and other components for cleaning, and reinstallation, pulling a vacuum on the refrigerant lines, and recharge with refrigerant. Such service and repair may involve significant expense, although there are some “in place” cleaning methods using foams and sprays that are a simpler procedure. See DIRTY COIL CLEANING PROCEDURES for details of this topic.

FROST BUILD-UP – Frost Build-up on the Evaporator Coil in an Air Conditioner
The ice or frost formed on a cooling coil in an air conditioner air handler unit is usually caused by an improper refrigerant charge, possibly by inadequate airflow across the cooling coil, or by a thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) or other air conditioner or heat pump control defect.

Ice blocks air flow through the coil, thus reducing air conditioner output; if the ice formation is extreme nearly all of the airflow across the coil is blocked and the air conditioner system runs but does not produce cool air flowing into the occupied space.

Frost and ice can also form on refrigerant tubing at other locations, and frost and ice can form inside air conditioning ductwork itself, leading to troublesome leaks into the building.

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Energy Efficiency & Air Conditioners — September 19, 2018

Energy Efficiency & Air Conditioners

You’re passionate about reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the planet, but you love your AC, especially when the heat and humidity of summer are weighing you down. Is it possible to have your cake and eat it too? H&H has all the tips you need to live an energy-efficient lifestyle and remain comfortable year-round…
First Things First: Choosing An Efficient Cooling SystemIf your air conditioner is more than 10-years old, upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient system can reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint 20-40%. When shopping for a system, ensure efficiency by…

  • Shopping by SEER
    SEER ratings make shopping for an AC system with superior efficiency simpler, as do Energy Star ratings for heating and cooling systems. The higher the SEER rating, the less energy the system consumes. Systems 10+ years old may be 10 SEER (or below). The minimum allowed today by law is 14 SEER. To ensure energy savings, a system with a rating above 16 SEER is preferable. SEER ratings over 20 are not uncommon in traditional split and packaged systems. In ductless systems, you can find SEER ratings over 25! Look for the Energy Star logo for systems offering high-efficiency features and superior performance.
  • Opting for Energy Saving Features
    Opting for a system with a variable speed blower reduces energy consumption, as do ‘fan only’ switches, which can provide natural cooling.
  • Purchasing the Right Size System
    Heating and air conditioning units must be properly sized to ensure optimal performance. A system that’s too small or large for your home reduce efficiency by 30%, inflating your utility bills, and putting stress on the system that shortens its lifespan. An experienced, professional HVAC contractor can perform load calculations, considering your home’s size, layout, thermal envelope, and more to help you determine the right size system to meet your needs.
  • Ensuring an Energy Star Quality Installation
    A quality installation ensures performance, and should also include properly sealed ductwork, verified optimal system operation and thermostat function, and airflow optimized for consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Operational Tips For Eking Extra Efficiency From Your Air ConditionerHow you use and maintain your AC can also impact energy use. Maximize efficiency with:

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