Beating the heat is easier than ever with an air conditioner, but if you haven’t been maintaining your unit properly, you could find yourself sweating out the summer months. By following these 5 easy tips and tricks, you’ll be enjoying the coolest air anytime you’d like. You can also call air conditioning repair service nj.
Change the filter.

During the summer, you’ll be using your air conditioning unit more than normal. Because of this, the filter tends to collect dust and debris more quickly. It’s important to replace it at least once a month. This ensures that your system runs as efficiently as possible and prevents allergens and particles from being spread throughout your home. Before replacing the filter, be sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that it is placed correctly.

Inspect and clean your ductwork.  air duct cleaning edison nj

Each summer, take the time to clean your vents. Dusting them out is the best way to keep thick layers of grime from accumulating on your furniture and baseboards. Plus, by inspecting your registers and ducts, you are able to see any blockages or issues that could prevent your home from cooling properly.

Keep the condensing unit free and clear.

The condenser part of your air conditioner draws air in from its surrounding area to cool and disburse throughout your home. If it’s blocked, it could prevent your system from doing its job. Keep chairs, leaves, branches, and trees away from your unit to prevent problems in the future.

Double-check your Freon

Technically, you shouldn’t ever need to replace or refill the Freon in your system. This all-important compound is vital to your system’s ability to cool the air those cycles through it. However, your air conditioner shouldn’t be consuming Freon. If the levels are changing, it’s probably due to a leak. If this is the case, it could pose a serious risk to you, your family, and pets. Calling an HVAC professional is the best way to be sure that everything is working as it should.

Call professionals for more than just repairs. Many homeowners make the mistake of never calling an HVAC professional for anything except repairs. Your cooling system should be inspected and cleaned yearly. By hiring a professional company to tune-up and inspect your unit, you ensure that things are working correctly. Plus, these experts are able to spot any issues and repair them before they turn into more expensive repairs. Each year, make sure you call an HVAC tech to come out and service your system.